Tools & Technology

The 3-Part Marketing Attribution Framework All PLG Companies Need
If you're like most product-led growth founders, you're probably using product analytics tools to track key acquisition metrics. We’re talking...
by Aaron Beashel
Tools & Technology
Does a Future Still Exist For Content Marketers?
Will AI-generated content put content marketers out of a job? Maybe, but not in the way many are talking about...
by Andrew Camel, Kyle Poyar
14 Marketing Productivity Tools You Should Check Out in 2018
As marketers, we’re constantly trying to get the most bang for our buck, i.e. the highest ROI. That’s as true...
by Eric Siu
4 Budget Hacks Sales CMOs Should Implement in 2017
Sales CMOs are driven by revenue. They focus on generating more and bigger deals for the business — not cramming...
by Peter Mollins
Five Growth Tactics to Try Right Now from Growth Camp
At Growth Camp last Friday, I was fortunate enough to learn from some of the best marketers in Boston. During...
Using Trello to Manage Marketing Projects and Support Issues
Sometimes even when it comes to technology the best ways of doing things are the old fashioned ones. Take bulletin...
by Jared Brown
Why Marketing Is Eating Sales
If you’ve been in the tech or startup world for any longer than a few years, you’ve probably read (or...
by Nadim Hossain
Communications & Branding
How to Drive More Business with Email Signatures
There is no denying that email continues to be a critical communication modality for businesses. In fact, rather than shrinking,...
by Dan Hanrahan
ROI: 4 Reasons Now is (Finally) the Time for B2B Multi-Touch Attribution
This is the second post in a three-part series about multi-touch attribution from guest author Nadim Hossain, co-founder and CEO...
by Nadim Hossain