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Finance & Operations
The One Thing VCs Love to See Even More Than Growth
What VCs Look For A few years ago, I interviewed a candidate for a VP of Sales position at one...
by Scott Maxwell
VC Insights
How to Avoid Costly Early Funding Mistakes

That early funding for a startup is absolutely crucial for a company’s success now and in the future. Here are 5 costly mistakes you can’t afford to make.

by Ricky Pelletier
Customer Success
How VCs Look at Customer Success: The Key to Growing and Protecting Your Revenue
When you boil it down there are really three ways to grow an enterprise software recurring revenue business: Acquire new...
by Baiyin Zhou
Startup Strategy
Making Sense of the Hortonworks S-1: A Unique Economic Model
A Hadoop Pioneer with a Unique Growth Model As I wrote about yesterday, an analysis of New Relic’s S-1 numbers...
by Tien-Anh Nguyen
VC Insights
2014 SaaS Survey: Insights into Sales and Marketing Spend & Churn
Two weeks ago, we were excited to share some of the results from the 2014 SaaS Survey conducted by David Skok...
by Tien-Anh Nguyen
VC Insights
2014 SaaS Survey Delivers Industry Benchmarks
David Skok, of Matrix Partners, has teamed up again this year with Pacific Crest, an investment banking firm with a specific...
by Tien-Anh Nguyen
VC Insights
Don't Let FOMAD (Fear of Missing a Deal) Waste Your Valuable Time
  Most entrepreneurs will agree that there are a few consistent pain points in trying to navigate the fundraising process. While...
by Matt Biehler
Tech Trends
Billion-Dollar Bet: The Real Reason Amazon and Google Wanted Twitch

To get the full story behind what made Twitch such a hot acquisition target, you have to go back to the launch of in 2007, the same year Netflix released its streaming video service to the world.

by Mackey Craven
VC Insights
Ask a VC: Your Questions Answered

I said, “Ask us anything.” And you did. In this VC questions answered post I’m providing five responses to help give a clearer picture how VCs work.

by Ricky Pelletier