Culture Shock: Is Your Startup Company Culture Built for the Long Haul?

Congratulations, your company is growing! Now, does that mean your company culture has to grow up with it?

During the frenzy of starting a new tech company, not a lot of thought is typically put into company culture. More often than not, it’s simply an extension of mindsets and personalities of the founders. There’s nothing wrong with that meaning shorts, sandals, and all-night coding sessions punctuated by trips to the bar, at first, writes Zikria Syed, CEO and co-founder of NextDocs in a guest post for VentureBeat. But is that the type of culture that is going to help fuel and sustain your company’s long-term growth for years to come?

“Because the culture influences the type of talent the company attracts, if the culture is set in a limiting way, the company struggles to get the diverse talent outside of its core group that it needs to function as an established business,” Syed writes. As a startup begins its journey toward becoming an established company, there are five steps founders should take in order to make sure they establish the right culture, including determining the image they want to project, taking the time to figure out the company’s values and driving principles, and involving employees in the discussion.

“A company culture isn’t something that a startup will figure out overnight,” writes Syed. “But apart from the world-changing technology they plan to develop, their company’s culture will be the most important key to their lasting success.” For more on ways in which growing companies can establish the right company culture, read his full article here.

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