Does the Buying Process Supersede the Selling Process?

The focus of most salespeople is typically inward, toward the sales process.

Because of this, external factors are often ignored. And this is where the buying process is rooted. Your customers aren’t concerned about how you manage your leads or feed prospects through a pipeline — they want to be spoken to on their terms. Salespeople that can facilitate the buying process are at a distinct competitive advantage, writes David Brock of Partners in Excellence.

A salesperson’s role within the buying process should be a supportive one. The buying process belongs to the customer, not the sales team.

Does this mean that you should abandon your sales process? Absolutely not. It’s a matter of seeing beyond your immediate field of view. Being able to connect with your customers through the buying process can only offer benefits to companies. For more on the importance of paying attention to the buying process, read the full article by Brock.

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