Don’t Just Stand There, Mobilize: 4 Keys to a Successful Mobile Strategy

With experts proclaiming that “mobile is where the growth is” and the stats (at least as far as Facebook is concerned) backing it up, companies are scrambling to make sure they don’t get left behind. Before you implement a mobile strategy, however, there are a few things you should consider.

“In my role at EPiServer, a provider of social and e-commerce platforms, I’ve worked with customers and partners as they’ve begun to go mobile,” writes Bob Egner, VP Product Management and Global Marketing at EpiServer. “From this experience, I’ve found that analyzing your users is just as important as understanding the technology.” In this guest post for GigaOm, Egner provides four keys to developing a solid understanding of your visitors and customers in order to ensure your mobile strategy is launched and maintained successfully.

“Knowing when and why a person would visit your company’s site on a mobile device is crucial to ensuring that you’re providing the information they would find most relevant,” Egner writes. Understanding your visitors’ journey, checking your assumptions at the door, and understanding both the mobile experience your users are looking for — which isn’t always the same as the website experience they’re looking for — and the analytics needed to monitor user behavior is absolutely crucial to a successful mobile strategy. After all, it’s difficult to get mobile when you’re operating in the dark.

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