Examining the Role Recruiting Plays in a Corporate Turnaround

Imagine the prototypical corporate turnaround in your head.

The image that was conjured up probably involved a lot of long nights, fortunate breaks and innovation. And while these are certainly important factors in reversing negative momentum, they don’t take into account one key variable: talent. Without a proper recruiting best practices process, a turnaround may not even get off of the ground.

You must have talent to lead any corporate turnaround, says Dr. John Sullivan, an HR specialist. To handle that talent, you’ll likely need a gatekeeper; someone whose sole role is to manage the wealth of talent that’ll be needed throughout the ranks. Dr. Sullivan also adds that, it’s very important to hire with the bigger picture in mind. After all, you are looking to completely change the face of a company.

A corporate turnaround is no easy feat. But without the necessary attention to recruiting, it’s nearly impossible. For more on how recruiting is needed to reinvent your business growth strategies, read the full article by Dr. Sullivan.

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