Groupon’s Content Strategy Revealed, Step by Step

Ever wonder how Groupon was able to grow to a billion-dollar company in the span of a few years?

A large part of their success can be attributed to their editorial standards. While some may not appreciate the heavy dose of humor in their writing, it’s impossible to argue with the overwhelmingly positive results. So what’s their secret?

Groupon prescribes to strict editorial standards that guide every bit of copy they produce. They employee approximately 7,000 employees and many of those are writers and proofreaders. A disproportionate amount, in fact.

One of the key considerations in Groupon’s writing is the editorial voice. They aim to have a uniform, recognizable voice in all of their copy; third person, with a direct tone. And that’s evident in nearly every single page of their website. Only time will tell whether or not the content marketing strategy will be able to buoy the company strategy over the long-term. For more detailed information about Groupon’s writing practices, read the full article by Joe Pulizzi.

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