How Apple Found Itself on Top

Have you heard of a company called Apple?

When Apple usurped Microsoft as the largest technology company in the market, its reputation as an industry leader was cemented. In 1997, the company was close to folding, but a timely $150 million investment from – who else – Microsoft, extended them a lifeline. Today, they seem to be more of a runaway train on a lucrative track, rather than a company struggling to stave off elimination.

How did it happen?

First and foremost, Apple keeps its secrets in-house. Their notoriously tight-lipped CEO, Steve Jobs, is as reserved and quiet of a company head as can be. Barring one internet phenomenon that led to clever, free publicity as a result of a few direct e-mail exchanges between Jobs and loyal apple customers, Jobs is a man of few words. This ethos reverberates throughout the company.

Apple’s simple-yet-elegant products almost sell themselves. Much of the company’s success can be linked to their products, which are all highly intuitive, visual and user-friendly. As long as they continue to corner this market, they can expect years of unrivaled profitability.

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