Gamification Sweeping the Nation: How Siemens Industry Is Building Customer Engagement with Social Games

More companies are coming around to the realization that customers (and employees) are looking for reasons to actively engage. Enter gamification.

“Gaming techniques to encourage engagement — using such devices as points, badges, levels, leaderboards and challenges — will be used by 50% of U.S. companies by 2015, according to Gartner Inc.,” writes Christopher Hosford. In this post for BtoB Online, Hosford focuses in on the success Siemens Industry has had with Plantville, an interactive game that lets players try their hand at being manufacturing plant managers by using Siemens solutions, as a specific example of gamification in action.

“Siemens’ customer base is engineers, so Plantville was designed to be deep and realistic, with meaningful goals in achieving plant productivity, energy efficiency and sustainability,” Hosford writes. According to Catherine Derkosh, Siemens’ marketing communications director, players earn points by running their plants effectively “and picking products that happen to be Siemens products to help them out.” But how does the game translate into marketing ROI? “There currently are 23,000 registered users in 150 countries, and the average playing time is 14 minutes per session,” Hosford writes. “Derkosh said 87% of Plantville players said they’d recommend the game to colleagues, and 62% said their impression of Siemens has improved since playing the game.”

The next step? Turning those leads into new business. Read the full article for more on how Siemens is utilizing gamification successfully.

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