How to Find Prospects for Your Business

Usually, a business can expect low single-digit sales turnarounds from inbound traffic.

This figure is based on a number of variables, so it does deviate quite a bit. According to sales strategist Chet Holmes, about 3 percent of your market is in active buying mode at any given moment.

What this means is, no matter what you’re selling, you’re only resonating with 3 percent of your target audience. The key, then, is to tap into this minute percentage, while looking for more buyers. This is best accomplished by classifying the other 97 percent of potential customers.

More buyers fit a profile that is characterized by being open to a sale, but not looking for one outright. And there is even another demographic that is hesitant to buy, but can be opened up. Attracting these audiences is what will separate you from competitors.  Sharpening your marketing strategy and widening your imaginary net is the way you will be able to land buyers outside of the 3 percent that is actively looking to purchase.

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