How to Reduce Churn: Everything You Need to Know

As your revenue begins to increase, understanding how to reduce churn becomes essential to your business.

Having an in depth knowledge of how to retain your customers, and executing an effective strategy based off that knowledge, pays huge dividends for your business. You don’t have to worry about replacing those bookings, they’re available for upselling (which is generally the largest portion of your revenue) and as advocates they drive new business. Due to those reasons and more, entrepreneur, investor, and SaaS expert David Skok explains how to reduce churn in this post at For Entrepreneurs.

Understanding and managing customer churn is a company wide initiative, says Skok. And while much of your efforts depend on customer happiness, it is possible to keep and monitor detailed measurements on their temperament. Learn how plus why you should create a Customer Success organization by clicking “full story” below.

Photo by Tom Jutte

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