How to Stop Channel Sales Sabotage

Your sales staff may be blindly sabotaging channel sales success.

This is usually due to a lack of creative thinking when working with channel sales partners. Dolling out leads without follow up is like casting a fishing line without a pole.  The fish might bite, but how will you reel it in?

These tips from Geoff Alexander will help your organization increase channel sales now:

  • Get it touch with the CEO of your channel company and ask them what you can do to help them be more profitable.  Taking your channel partner’s interests to heart gets them to sell more of your products.
  • Call your channel partner sales reps weekly to help them make a sale. Make sure you let them know that you will not let the prospective customer ‘go direct.’  This will build business and trust.
  • Create a ‘virtual channel’ by developing your own personal sales channel. Forge great relationships to build profits.

Your reps should also be encouraged to stop viewing the channel as competition. Increased team communication that includes the channel will beef up business contacts and increase sales for everyone.

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