How Less Is More When Incentivizing Salespeople

You want to keep your sales team happy, but a bloated and confusing system isn’t going to help with incentivizing salespeople.

The tentacles of big data are everywhere, and that includes your sales team. Once, it was all about hitting their sales number, but now? You can track almost every aspect of your team’s day. That has lead to some wildly confusing commission plans, says Dave Brock in this post at Partners In Excellence. He explains why incentivizing sales people needs to be sleeker and even deemphasized.

If your incentive system is too hard for your sales people to even understand, it’s not going to be much help in terms of motivation, according to Brock. Providing clear goals will keep your team thriving, but it’s also important to remember that commissions can’t (and shouldn’t) replace excellent management strategies.
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