Interpreting Meaningful Content Marketing Metrics

Monitoring metrics requires you to exit your comfort zone at times.

Sure, you may be better acquainted with certain types of data. But you need to have a complete understanding of the metrics that matter most. What are these when it comes to content marketing? First, make sure your data is supporting your overall business goals. Then, look at the numbers. Here are some figures that are paramount to monitoring your content’s effectiveness:

  • First, a classic: the website visitor count. Of course, you will need to separate your repeat visitors from your unique visitors here. You will also need to monitor data spikes or lulls. Make sure you’re paying attention to the forms of content that are drawing the most traffic, too.
  • Factor in the amount of time that was spent viewing the content. If your content is engaging, visitors should be reading it from start to finish.

Your metrics are always accessible for viewing. It’s up to you to keep a close eye on them and use them to fashion your content marketing strategy. Read the full article by Heidi Cohen for more information on this topic.

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