Is Social Media Phobia Scaring Away Potential Opportunities?

Universally forbidding the use of social media within the workplace seems to have a negative impact on business according to a recent Forrester Research study.

Of those interviewed, 70 percent said that social media makes IT operations more productive, while 46 percent even believed that it has a positive impact on marketing. The rest of the numbers painted social media in favorable light as well.

As an example, Best Buy’s implementation of the Twelpforce program has been well-received. The program allows employees to interact with customers who are having technical problems on Twitter, in hopes of resolving their issues virtually. The theory is that the Twelpforce program expands Best Buy’s customer services capabilities well beyond that of a traditional help desk.

In the beginning, many retailers questioned even the value of an online store. But, as the technology arrived and the process was streamlined, it became commonplace. Now, as the social media revolution gets into full swing, it would not be unlikely to see a similar situation arise.

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