Is This the Death of Performance Reviews?

Performance reviews—once the staple of employee assessment for HR—are losing their effectiveness. According to Samuel A. Culbert, a professor of management at UCLA:

“[Performance reviews] are an intimidating tool that makes employees too scared to speak their minds, lest their criticism come back to haunt them in their annual evaluations. They almost guarantee that the owners — whether they be taxpayers or shareholders — will get less bang for their buck.”

So if your company eliminated performance reviews, what would you replace them with?

Lance Haun at TLNT has a few ideas about what management can do:

Another idea is to use different kinds of assessment software.

Are you tired of old school performance reviews? Would you try a software solution? For a more in-depth look and some thought-provoking questions, check out the full story at TLNT.

Brennon Slattery
Marketing and Web Designer

Brennon is a Marketing and Web Designer at A Charitable Life. He is also a freelance writer and the author of over 600 PCWorld articles. Before A Charitable Life, he was the Project Manager, Web Designer/Developer at Pearson.
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