5 IT Channel Predictions for 2014

By staying ahead of the curve on these IT channel predictions, you can save yourself a lot of downtime, and headaches, this year.

You might still think of the IT department as a group of guys who judgingly ask you if your computer is turned on. But the truth is they can save your bacon when things go south. Even more so, they can keep things from going south in the first place. Rick Faulk has been looking into his crystal ball and lays out his IT channel predictions for the upcoming year in this post at Intronis.

Businesses are demanding more and more IT support and consultations with each passing year, says Faulk. And with good reason. With systems changing at an ever-increasing rate and the security of data more paramount than ever, that expertise is truly necessary. Learn what to be on the lookout for this year by reading the full post.
Photo by: KayVee.INC


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