10 Keys for Compelling Landing Page Design

Hook, line, and sinker doesn’t work without the hook, so when you’re fishing for conversions, you’ve got to nail landing page design.

Anatomy of the Perfect Landing Page

Curious how important your landing page design is? Well, if it doesn’t grab people or provide them with the information they need, then you might as well just scrap any plans for additional pages on your website. And while there’s no golden rule for crafting a flawless landing page, this infographic at KISSmetrics points out the important guidelines you need to know.

What’s most important on your landing page? Well, it’s not necessarily the headlines, copy, images or calls to action, but rather how they all play off of each other. Click through to learn how to create the right balance and even the color schemes that tend to work best for your business.

Photo by Martin Fisch

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