Launch a Voice of the Customer Program in 5 Steps

There’s a huge difference between listening and understanding, and Voice of the Customer (VOC) programs can leverage your account development into the latter category.

VOC programs improve the customer experience exponentially—and can be implemented in just 5 steps.

Step One: Conduct and Apply VOC Relationship Research

What better way to determine what needs must be met to build a high-value relationship than asking? Interview customers, prospects, and key stakeholders to get an understanding of their marketing expectations.

Step Two: Create VOC-Driven Opt-In Relationship Strategies

Engage your prospects and clients to tell you exactly what they value and what they want from you. Don’t forget to note what they don’t want, too.

Step Three: Create a VOC-Driven Multichannel Mix

“Create an integrated, multichannel marketing program that engages and inspires your customer,” Beth Harte writes.

Step Four: Create a VOC-Driven Social Media Presence

Now’s the time to pull out all of your social multimedia stops! Create strategies for real-time engagement with your customers and prospects.

Step Five: Invest in an Excellent Customer Service Experience

This is where your people and team development comes in: you’ll need to make customer service the least of a client’s worries—or not worrisome at all.

For much more, check out the full story over at The Customer Collective.

Brennon Slattery
Marketing and Web Designer

Brennon is a Marketing and Web Designer at A Charitable Life. He is also a freelance writer and the author of over 600 PCWorld articles. Before A Charitable Life, he was the Project Manager, Web Designer/Developer at Pearson.
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