Look Past the Numbers for Sales Promotions

sales promotionsDon’t let earnings statements and sales records be the only criteria in sales promotions. That’s a recipe for a poor manager and a struggling sales staff.

Dr. Wendell Williams, occupational psychologist and management consultant, writes in ERE.net that too many companies make mistakes when it comes to sales promotions. “Promote your best salesperson, gain a bad manager, and lose both,” Williams says, pointing to the fact that sales are “the end result of dozens of mini-activities,” none of which prepare an employee to manage well. “Don’t make assumptions just based on sales,” warns Williams, since a successful manager needs the “skills to coach and counsel, make good decisions, analyze markets, plan strategies, and manage a variety of diverse activities.” Instead, when looking at sales promotions, Williams advises choosing not necessarily the “best salesperson on staff,” but someone who knows “what to do, when to do it, and why.”

Director of Analytics and Search

Matthew is the Director of Analytics and Search at String Automotive. Previously he was a Web Content Specialist at OpenView.
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