How to Make SaaS Outbound Sales Work For You

You might not have even considered it, but when executed correctly SaaS outbound sales can be an extremely effective strategy.

Even the term “SaaS outbound sales” might make you double take. It often seems as though every company in the industry chooses the inbound approach. But that doesn’t mean you should write off outbound sales immediately. In this post at SaaStr Jason Lemkin asked Keith Kitani, CEO of GuideSpeak, to explain how he implemented outbound sales for his company and why it’s been so successful.

Kitani can’t express the importance of your VP of Sales enough. With the right person in this key role, you can mold a team that thrives in the outbound model. Once that decision has been made, he points out the other practices his team uses, including foregoing any and all sales-related travel.
Photo by: Ben Schumin


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