Making an Impact with Social Media Responses

Considering the many ways to reach out to an audience, the Old Spice Man may be breaking new ground.

For the uninitiated, the character has been used in Old Spice’s most recent ads. The television commercials are on the absurd side, but their success has been well-documented.

What Old Spice did was reinvent the way a TV commercial character can interact, directly, with an audience. The character has recorded about 100 personalized videos for a number of recipients. Old Spice’s YouTube channel is listed in the top spot on the site for total views in the U.S.

Ultimately, it is tough to anticipate how the overt success of the campaign will translate into sales. But usually, the publicity a company receives has some sort of impact on their sales. If this holds true in this scenario, Old Spice can expect a significant sales increase.

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