Managing Millennial Sales Reps: Fact and Fiction

Do Millennial (or Gen Y) employees really need to be managed differently from their Gen X and Boomer counterparts?

“There’s no shortage of biases, prejudices and opinions around how ‘different’ Gen Y sales reps are,” writes Trish Bertuzzi, President of The Bridge Group, Inc., an inside sales consulting and implementation firm. “What is lacking is a clean examination of how Gen Y sellers differ from their Gen X & Boomer peers in terms of motivations, aspirations & future plans.” Together with Steve Richard, co-founder of inside sales training company Vorsight, Bertuzzi set out to fill that gap in information by surveying nearly 1,000 sales reps, separating Gen Y sellers from Gen X and Boomer reps, and comparing their answers on questions regarding current roles, motivations, needs and wants.

The results, as Bertuzzi puts it, “were eye-opening.” Taking a “myth-busting” approach, Bertuzzi and Richard present their findings in the form of an eBook, and offer a preview in this guest post for Social Media Today. Do Gen Y sales reps really crave attention in the form of constant feedback and guidance the way that many believe they do? The facts and figures Bertuzzi and Richard gathered put that assumption — along with many others formed around managing millennial sales reps — to the test.


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