Marketing Around a Startup Product Launch

Do you have a product launch coming up and are worried about how you’re going to supplement it with a marketing strategy?

April Dunford of Rocket Watcher has outlined numerous ideas to bolster your launch. Getting noticed is about more than just having the eyes on you, she writes. You need to ensure that you have your best foot forward. Here are a few thoughts from Dunford to get you started:

  • Pre-release, you’ll want to have a video of the product that highlights its functionality and design. You’ll also want to prepare the market by authoring (or being featured in) articles, newsletters and other components of a good content marketing strategy.
  • During the release, you’ll want to host and attend release-related events, in addition to performing demonstrations.

Finding the right options for your launch comes down to exploring what’s available and tailoring the choices to fit your product. For more ideas, read the full article by Dunford.

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