How to Merchandise your Top-Notch Content

Having great marketing content isn’t enough.

Merchandising the content – with a cohesive image as the goal – is what will ultimately maximize sales. Creating a neatly wrapped package can be accomplished in a few ways.

Here are some examples for you to consider:

  • Via blog: Cross-promote your blog posts by including links in an e-mail signature, on a business card and in-person.
  • Via presentations: When you do an in-person presentation, you’re selling your company. Make certain to get feedback from your audience and thank them following the session.
  • Via press releases: This is a great opportunity to merchandise. Distribute these as often as possible and remember to cross-promote them like the blog posts.

Promoting and merchandising your marketing content is going to make a notable difference if you were previously ignoring this necessity. Visit the link on this page for more helpful tips on merchandising.

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