MIT Delivers the Perfect Pitch

A lot can be learned from the minds at MIT. Recently, April Dunford had a chance to chat with the folks at the MIT Media Lab, and from that experience learned 6 Pitch Lessons. Here’s a look at how April’s time spent at MIT can help your startup with product design research and the marketing strategies that’ll be your fuel.

It Isn’t Real Until You Can Show Me Something

“Talking about it just isn’t the same as showing it,” April writes.

Every pitch she witnessed at the MIT Media Lab was accompanied by some kind of demonstration. When an investor can experience your product first-hand, your chances at success vastly improve.

Every Employee Should Be Able To Do The Pitch

What happens when an investor swings by and management isn’t around? The show must go on! By kindling your employees’ passions, any one person on any level of the company can do the pitch themselves.

… And, for those who get anxious at the very thought of making a pitch:

Pitching A Lot Makes You Good At It

“Sometimes the demos didn’t go exactly as planned and it didn’t bother them too much. They continued on like folks that had done these pitches a thousand times.  Practice will improve your pitch a lot.”

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