New Product Launch: 3 Ways To Boost Yours with Social Media

Learn three ways to leverage social media to make your new product launch more successful.

Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank Online Marketing, offers three ways that social media can make a positive impact on a new product launch.

First, Odden says, social media can be used as a listening tool “to assess online interest trends” about “a particular topic during a given moment in time.” With the right social media monitoring tools, you can focus the marketing side of your new product launch to identify key influencers customers and pinpoint what they’re looking for. Convert them, and those influencers will spread the word on your new product quickly among your target audience.

Next, Odden writes that “content is the engine of marketing,” so start a blog that not only covers the story of your product “and how it solves important problems in the marketplace,” but also serves “as a communication channel with other blogs in the industry, the media, customers, and a community.” After that, be sure that you’re using social media analytics to monitor the effectiveness of your efforts and cut through “the sheer volume of information created and promoted on the social web.”

Photo by: Lali Masriera

Director of Analytics and Search

Matthew is the Director of Analytics and Search at String Automotive. Previously he was a Web Content Specialist at OpenView.
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