3 Sales Scripts to Conquer Common Sales Objections

Sales can sometimes feel like you’re repeatedly slamming your head against the wall. Unless, of course, you’re well prepared to overcome the most common sales objections.

sales objections

Most seasoned salespeople have heard them before. “I can get a cheaper solution from another vendor,” or “I didn’t have a good experience with your company in the past.” Both are the kind of common — and cliche — sales objections that drive sales pros nuts. But as respected sales pro Tom Hopkins tells Inc.com’s Geoffery James, all you really need to overcome those sales objections is a good script, a smile, and a little persistence.

For instance, if a prospect tells you that they have a friend who works for a competing company and they’d prefer to business with them, you could respond by reminding them that business and friendship don’t often mix. If they chose to do business with you, Hopkins suggests telling those prospects, they could get on your case until they received exactly what they wanted — without hurting their friends’ feelings. In his full post, James shares two other common sales objections, along with sample scripts to overcome them. He also explains why you can’t just memorize those scripts and immediately put them to use.

Josh Zywien
Josh Zywien
Content Marketer

Josh is a Content Marketer at Ambassador which gives marketers the tools they need to grow customer relationships and drive revenue through word-of-mouth, referrals, and recommendations. Previously, he was an Account Executive at CBS, Inc.
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