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Separating Product Marketing and Product Management
In a post for What Is Product Marketing, Diego Lomanto breaks down the difference between product marketing and product management....
by Contributing Author
Startup Strategy
Why You Need a Managing Editor and What to Look For
[caption id="attachment_15988" align="alignright" width="300"] Image Provided By: {link:}PWB Marketing Communications{/link}[/caption] Last week, I wrote the first post in my content...
by Kevin Cain
HR & Leadership
How My 7-Year-Old Beat the Stock Market!
I don’t pretend to know much about the public markets, so when my seven-year-old son asked me about “the stock...
by Ricky Pelletier
Finance & Operations
Is Your Board of Directors Truly Useful?

Margaret Heffernan describes the roles a board of directors should – and shouldn’t – play in early stage companies.

by Josh Zywien
Startup News
2012 Technology Predictions: Forecasting the Revolution
Two years ago, I dabbled in futurology by listing out my predictions for the evolution of the software and Internet...
by Tien-Anh Nguyen
Startup Strategy
How to Change Your Sales Model Mid-Air
A very exciting thing is happening at one of our portfolio companies, Zmags.  The company spent the majority of 2011...
by Firas Raouf
Key Ingredients of the Best Product Management

In a post at Games Brief, 15-year veteran product manager Martin Eriksson defines what a product manager does, why it’s an important job and how to do it effectively.

by Contributing Author
Tips for Designing a Practical Sales Compensation Plan

In a recent post for Sales Benchmark Index, Ryan Tognazzini delivers a few tips on creating better sales compensation plans.

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Finance & Operations
4 Things Entrepreneurs MUST Do Before Seeking Outside Funding

As most entrepreneurs know too well, it’s not easy to fund and grow a startup company.

by Josh Zywien
Tell Us About Your Product Portfolio...
[caption id="attachment_21853" align="alignright" width="234" caption="mostsb/ Flickr"][/caption] In a recent guest post for On Product Management, Veronica Figarella explains how by...
by Contributing Author
Startup Strategy
FY2012 Is Coming: CEOs, What About Your Management Team?
In preparation for 2012, over the last several weeks I have covered the importance of making sure your mission and...
by George Roberts
Labcast: Content Marketing -- Who's Telling Your Story?

Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose stop by to discuss the challenges of content marketing and how to get past them.

by Joe Pulizzi