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Andrew Gazdecki (MicroAcquire): Busting the Myths of Selling Startups
The term “unicorn” is a very apt word for the tech startup industry. The companies and the deals necessary to...
by Meg Johnson
Top Three Reasons a Candidate Will Reject You—And What You Can Do About It
In today’s hiring market, sourcing talent is hard enough. But once you’ve got some high-quality candidates through your interview process,...
by Steve Melia
Common Mistakes, Tackling Searching, and Skill Test: Ask Me Anything About Hiring in 2022
Talent and recruiting is a top-of-mind subject for everyone in today’s job market. It’s also a leading contributor to many...
by Steve Melia
How To Hire Top Talent—What To Do Before The First Interview
It is the beginning of the year—budgets are approved and you have all those job recs that you requested to...
by Steve Melia, Maggie Crean
Finance & Operations
CAC Payback Basics: What It Is, How to Calculate It and Why It Matters

What is CAC Payback? How do you measure it? We break down the basics of this metric and why it’s important in your SaaS business in this article.

by Sean Fanning
Product Management
Hiring Product Managers: When Should You Hire Your First Product Person

What skills and qualities do you need in your first product hire? Nikita Miller, SVP, Head of Product Management at The Knot Worldwide breaks it down.

by OpenView
Investor Relations
22 Reasons Your Investor Might Have Passed On You (According To 4 Leading VCs)

There are a lot of spoken—and unspoken—reasons why investors may pass on a business pitch. Here’s 22 of them.

by Riviera Lev-Aviv
Portfolio Updates
OpenView Leads $17M Series B in Kolide to Improve End-User Security and Transparency

We are excited to welcome Kolide to the OpenView family as we lead their $17M Series B. Kolide is a Boston-based company offering an IT operations platform that empowers employees to take more control over their device security.

by Tom Holahan, Ricky Pelletier, Kaitlyn Henry, Colin Vergilio
Pricing & Positioning
Inside Cypress’s Playbook for Launching Usage-Based Pricing

Given the consumption-based success stories of similar open-source software products like Elastic and MongoDB, Cypress will be one to watch.

by Kyle Poyar
Product-Led Growth
Talking Growth Frameworks with HubSpot’s Chris Miller

Chris takes us through the Three Ds of Growth and Learn/Collect/Apply segmentation.

by Kristin Hillery
An Inside Look at How SurveyMonkey Overhauled Pricing After 10 Years

How did the team at SurveyMonkey know it was time to revamp their pricing strategy? We’re exploring which signals tipped them off and how they made it a success.

by Kyle Poyar
Selling in a Product Led Growth Company: It’s Not About You

In a product led growth business, sales’ mission is not about making the sale but instead, delivering an effective customer experience. Learn how to stay focused on the customer through collaboration.

by Leandra Fishman