Tech Trends
"TechCrunch, I don't think we're in Silicon Valley anymore.."
When most people are looking for hi-tech startups, rapidly growing software companies, super smart entrepreneurs, venture capital investments, crazy valuations, etc. the first...
by Jillian Mirandi
Startup Strategy
Personal Reputation Management
What is personal reputation management? Last week we ventured into the exciting world of Corporate Brand Management, but the same...
by Tien Anh Nguyen
Demand Generation Process – Science not Art
There is an ocean of things we can cover in a discussion around demand generation. What I refer to here...
by Firas Raouf
Startup Strategy
Lessons Learned the Hard Way
In a project I recently completed with one of our expansion stage portfolio companies, we implemented a new way of...
by Ori Yankelev
Startup Strategy
Allow me to introduce myself
My name is Peter Zotto. I'm an analyst at OpenView Venture Partners -- looking for our next investment. The content...
by Peter Zotto
Startup Strategy
Where do we go from here
Where do we go from here? I seem to be getting this question a lot lately from the entrepreneurs I've been...
by Peter Zotto
Startup Strategy
What do elite military commandos and business executives have in common?
What do the worlds best business executives have in common with elite athletes and military commandos? The ability to pay...
by Mark Barry
Startup Strategy
Help! I've lost my focus!
This week I wanted to respond to an article I read on Yahoo Finance about an assistant at PepsiCo who...
by Katie Cohen-Hausman
Tech Trends
business software is alive and least in medium and longer term!
I just picked up this note questioning if enterprise software is failing. My medium- to long-term perspective is that: -...
by Scott Maxwell
Startup Strategy
Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself
Hello there! My name is Glenn Michael and I am a Research Associate at OpenView Venture Partners. I have worked...
by Glenn Michael
Startup Strategy
What a 16 yr old girl wanting to raise chickens can teach us all
I just came back from the 16th annual pheasant hunt in SD I go to every year with a group...
by George Roberts
Tech Trends
Screening Interviews
Now that I am providing recruiting support to OpenView's portfolio companies, I am conducting phone screening interviews with select candidates....
by Diana Martz