Tech Trends
I.T. challenges for Expansion Stage companies
In the I.T. world, there are two camps when it comes to the maturity of the I.T. Environment. Those camps...
by Justin Law
Tech Trends
Newspapers Making The Headlines
While doing some online surfing recently, I stumbled upon an article regarding the rapid decline of newspapers. It was alarming....
by Glenn Michael
Tech Trends
Mascara; How it led me to love Content Marketing
Hi, I still have about 80 pages left in our book, "Get Content, Get Customers", which I "had" to read...
by Jillian Mirandi
Finance & Operations
The Role of the CFO
As early growth venture capital investors, we tend to work with companies that are at the very early stages of...
by Firas Raouf
Tech Trends
Execution One of the Keys for Success in Software Companies
In the first 2 blogs I discussed Strategy and Focus as 2 of the 3 keys or traits that successful...
by George Roberts
Tech Trends
Do I have the right synergy between the Sales & Marketing Operation's?
I speak with many CEO's every week that are either raising venture capital or have taken a venture capital investment....
by Brian Zimmerman
Startup Strategy
Thinking outside the box. What is my creative release?
This topic came up internally some time ago and I have found myself searching for an answer for what seems to be...
by Peter Zotto
Tech Trends
Questionable Downloadables
To follow up on my last post about content marketing strategy... I was inspired by a recent Network World article...
by Tien-Anh Nguyen
Tech Trends
New Approaches to Content Marketing
So this is it. We have two days remaining before the kickoff of our Content Marketing Workshop. OpenView's forums are...
by kelliestacey
Tech Trends
Back to Basics: What most consultants don't want you to know
A large portion of my time at OpenView Labs is spent consulting our portfolio companies in sales best practices and...
by Ori Yankelev
Tech Trends
Five questions to ask when deploying your content marketing strategy
Simple strategies to help you navigate the oft-misused marketing channels All right, now that you have created tons of cool...
by Tien-Anh Nguyen
What is a Profitable Distribution Model?
As growth venture capital investors, we look for companies that can scale with capital efficiency. The first key requirement for...
by Firas Raouf