Pain-Free Startup Funding: 7 Tips for Raising a Killer Seed Round

Raising startup funding is anything but simple and far from easy. The proper preparation can make a huge difference in making the process as successful and painless as possible, however.

startup funding

“There are many stories of hot startups raising killer seed rounds, and it can feel like money is flowing everywhere,” writes Zain Jaffer, co-founder and CEO of Vungle, subject of Mashable’s “Behind the Launch” video series. “Times might be good right now, but raising external capital is a complicated process, and it’s something every entrepreneur needs to think about carefully.”

Jaffer lays out seven tips to help startup companies achieve their funding goals as quickly and pain-free as possible. In addition to encouraging founders to think of relationships with investors as potential partnerships for life, he suggests they should be honest and open with the fact that they do not have all the answers, they should target a big market and be able to explain the key factors and trends that make it big, and they should remember that “investors don’t invest in features, they invest in real businesses.” For more tips on successfully pitching investors during the startup stage, read Jaffer’s full post here.

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