Process Makes Perfect: 5 Keys to a Rock Solid Sales Process

It doesn’t matter how talented your sales team is or how perfect your product may be — your company can never achieve its full potential without a solid sales process in place.

In a post for his Partners in Excellence Blog, David Brock outlines five conditions your sales process must satisfy to maximize the effectiveness of your sales reps. First, not only does it need to be aligned with your customer’s buying process, it needs to enable your sales rep to lead and walk your customer through their buying process. Your sales process should also provide a clear framework for allowing your sales reps to identify exactly where every opportunity stands in the process and to determine how, in each case, the sales cycle might be compressed.

It is also important to remember that “no sales process is forever,” Brock writes. The best sales model is the one that is consistently reassessed, fine-tuned, and improved. For more advice on how to optimize your sales model, read the full post here.

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