The Best Time to Schedule Your Product Launch Date

After all of the work and investment you’ve put into developing your product, it would be tragic to see it crash and burn due to a bad launch. You can greatly increase your chances of avoiding that fate following one simple yet often overlooked technique.

“I’ve seen a lot of product launch train wrecks along the way and I’ve had the joy of seeing some successful product launches,” writes David Daniels for Pragmatic Marketing’s “Setting and managing expectations is a big part of a product launch owners success. The secret? Establish a launch date for your product launch plan at the beginning of the quarter. Never at the end of a quarter.”

Daniels argues that there are two important reasons for launching early on in a quarter: 1) you give yourself more time to adjust ot development delays without seeing the launch slip out of the quarter; and 2) you reduce the possibility of having deals in the pipeline that were ready to close pushed out into the future, or, worse, cancelled. By giving yourself the cushion of a launch at the beginning of the quarter rather than the end you can adjust for delays and other setbacks without losing momentum. Read Daniels’s full post for more on scheduling the right product launch date.

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