SaaS not Just for SMBs

Interview with Rene Bonvanie of Serena Software on the adoption of SaaS.

A recent podcast interview, by Krissi Danielsson of discusses big business adoption of SaaS. Danielsson interviewed Rene Bonvanie, a senior vice president at Serena Software to discuss the “company’s internal SaaS use and why SaaS is as good for the enterprise as it is for SMBs.”

One question and answer from this intriguing interview is summarized below:

Danielsson: Can you tell me the rationale behind Serena’s decision to use a SaaS directed approach internally?

Bonavie: “SaaS becomes interesting from an economic perspective because it gives us Software-as-a-Service that is good enough for a company our size, has the functionality and the accessibility that we need, has the availability that we need. It’s up 24/7; it’s something that runs in highly well-managed and data centers and so forth. So all the things that we couldn’t possibly afford as a company ourselves are made available in SaaS.”

” We believe that SaaS has come to maturity at this point where a lot of the applications that companies need are available. These applications are enterprise ready; there are SaaS offerings some of which we use as a company. They have hundreds to thousands of people worked on it. In other words, much better scalability, much better security. If anything, any company in the world is — was running and so we truly believe it’s ready. And we are making a move just a fast we as think that everyone else will.”

Danielsson also discusses, SaaS deployment, push-back on adoption, scalability, and the idea that on-premise software will always remain as a business need in the full interview. Listen to the podcast or read the interview transcript in its entirety using the link below.


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