Sales Sins to Avoid

Angry customers come from poor sales practices.

Josiane Feigon of TeleSmart Communication has penned a series of blogs on a breed of customers she calls “Customer 2.0.” This group of customers is “super busy, crazy busy” and they are also “angry, agitated, frustrated and disgruntled….at YOU” according to Feigon.

A few things that put the ‘bee in a customer’s bonnet’ when it comes to sales include:

  • Reps who poke and prod for answers, but fail to listen.
  • Reps that overstep boundaries, contacting higher-ups, and suggesting a lack of responsiveness.
  • Urgent voice-mail messages that are not urgent.
  • Tedious PowerPoint presentations with a myriad of representatives talking endlessly.

Feignon presents six more anger-inspiring sales practices in the full article. If you are losing sales, and wondering why your customers seem irate, check the list to be sure you are not guilty of these sales sins.


Vickilynn is a Novelist whose first book "Waving Backwards" was published in July 2015. She is also a Blogger at Adoptionfind Blog. Previously, she was a Freelance marketing copywriter at OpenView.
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