Six Traits that Successful Small Businesses Possess

Small businesses need certain traits to succeed.

A study conducted by the Guardian Life Small Business Research Institute titled “What Matters Most to America’s Small Business Owners” showed that, out of more than 1,000 entrepreneurs, six common traits are most-often shared. The presence of these traits, it turns out, is typically responsible for determining whether or not a small business will be successful.

The traits these entrepreneurs share are as follows:

  • Collaboration: Successful business owners are deft collaborators, whether it comes to working with others in the office or in the outside world.
  • Self-fulfilled: Having a passion for the business you’re heading is one important part of success. It helps keep the fire burning strong and the entrepreneur motivated.
  • Future-focused: Looking toward, and planning for, the future is vital here. Those that are successful owners have a plan for the future, and are busy executing it every day.
  • Curious: An interest in the unknown will reduce the number of variables once you gain information on them.
  • Technology savvy: An affinity for, and understanding of, technology helps business leaders succeed in today’s evolving industries. This helps them stay current.
  • Action-orientated: These owners are not sitting around idly; they’re making moves, as evidenced by their focus on the future.

Adopting these traits, if you aren’t already blessed with these particular dispositions, is wise move for business owners.

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