Starting with the Salespeople in the Mirror

Salespeople can create a one-way relationship with customers by demanding too much from them and giving little back.

But effective sales should make it necessary for salespeople to think critically too, writes business blogger David Brock in a recent post for Partners in Excellence. Why should prospects be the only ones thinking about ways they can improve what they do? Brock believes that some rethinking is in order.

What should salespeople analyze before looking to their customers? Here are some of his suggestions:

  • Consider how well you know the market that your customers are involved in. Since you’re selling them a solution that’s directly tied to it, make sure you understand the most pressing market issues.
  • While the above example is more generalized, salespeople should understand the specifics behind their customers’ operations, too. Are you familiar with your customers’ business strategies and goals?

Before creating lofty expectations for customers, it seems that salespeople should gaze in the mirror. For more on this topic, read the full article by Brock.

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