Startup Hiring Negotiations: 3 Keys to Landing Top Talent

When you’re trying to land a superstar for your team, you need to stay in the driver’s seat during startup hiring negotiations. 

As your business begins to take off and your team begins to expand, you want to make sure you have the staff in place to propel you forward. So when the chance to land a superstar from a tech giant like Google or Facebook comes along, the excitement will be palpable. But, as Hunter Walk explains in this post on his blog, it’s important to be cautious and thorough during startup hiring negotiations.

As excited as you are at the prospect of adding a heavy hitter to your team, it’s important to remember that the candidate might simply see you as a bargaining chip with their current employer. Walker lays out three key questions you can ask that will give you the best look at the situation.
Photo by: Steve Johnson


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