Study Shows Channel Sales Suffer From Lack of Visibility

Results of a recent sales survey show a clear correlation between a lack of information on channel sales and a loss of revenue and opportunities.

The study was conducted by Channelinsight, a cloud-based channel sales management solution provider. Of those surveyed in the study, only 39 percent of respondents said that they were somewhat or very satisfied with the customer and partner sales data available to them. While this statistic in itself may not be alarming, a number of other survey questions showed a pattern of dissatisfaction over a lack of sales channel data.

Market segmentation was another uncovered issue. While most companies were familiar with their immediate customers, the survey underscored the sense that there was a dearth of understanding when it comes to end-customers in the channel.

The results of the survey could serve as notice to all sales professionals looking for ways to improve the indirect sales process: start collecting indirect sales data. For more on the study, read the full article here.

Photo by: Armando Sotoca

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