Talent vs. Team Building in Product Development

team building

In a post for Avichal’s Blog, Spool founder Avichal Garg examines why companies should focus on hiring developers that will fit into their teams instead of just looking for people with the most skill.

Garg says it’s better to spend time and effort trying to build a team instead of hiring several single developers or engineers.

He cites the “Economics of Superstars,” which observes that in some industries, marginally more talented people/groups generate exponentially more value.

“Finding a way to be 10x better than median can now generate exponentially more value for people who make digital goods,” he writes. “In software, the superstar is the team, not the individual.”

(See Create a Healthier Team in 5 Easy Steps)

Software development, he says is a team sport that requires skill and synchronization.

“As you get bigger, no single developer can impact your team’s performance, so again synchronization is key,” he writes.

For more on team building in product development, read Garg’s full post here.

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