Who Make the Best CEOs? Tech Founders Do

When it comes to running a company there is one quality that tech founders have that primes them for CEO success.

Not all founders are CEO material, but according to Peter Levine, General Partner at venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, tech founders often make the best CEOs thanks to one thing they have that makes all the difference: vision. “Technical co-founders are great at envisioning where the company’s going from a strategic standpoint,” Levine told GigaOm in a video interview. “They have what I call the gut-feel of building out their business.”

In this post for Inc., Jillian D’Onfro quotes Levine in acknowledging that while founders do often require coaching in terms of business issues, “it’s easier to coach a technical founder how to be CEO and manage a business than it is to teach a professional CEO the nuances of that particular business.” And nothing beats a tech founder’s passion for “the business that they’re going to dominate.”

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