How to Win the Tech Talent War with Candidate Experience

Get 15 tips for developing a candidate experience that gives you an edge in the fight for top tech talent.

How to Win the Tech Talent War with Candidate Experience

Landing top tech talent requires “an awesome candidate experience,” according to Pulling in ideas from HubSpot founder and CTO Paul English as well as a Google recruiter, this post provides a number of best practices and tips for providing an enticing candidate experience for engineers.

The list of tips is 15 items long, so there’s plenty to work with. Start by understanding that “if you can make the candidate experience better, you win” the fight for tech talent, since “people will often take positions with lesser known companies simply because they had a great interviewing experience.”

Be sure to focus on the entire experience, from a candidate’s first connection to the company to the point that they are delivered a decision, and try to solicit feedback from your candidates to measure and improve your process. Remember that “every candidate you don’t hire is going to become a future potential user/customer” to help keep you honest and open throughout the process.

Read the full post for all 15 tips and redesign your interview process.

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Matthew is the Director of Analytics and Search at String Automotive. Previously he was a Web Content Specialist at OpenView.
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