Test Market Alternative: Leverage Your Mailing List

Use your mailing list recipients as a ready-made test market for new products and services.

Ana Lucia Novak, Marketing Strategy Trainer and Coach for Social Ana Social Marketing, writes in Social Media Today that “you can use your mailing list as a test market for new products and services you may be thinking about offering.”

Novak defines a test market as “a limited group of people you offer a product to in order to receive feedback before you put the product up for sale to the general population.” She points to your mailing list as a “natural choice” for testing new product viability, since the people on your list “have already expressed interest in the type of products you offer.”

Try offering your test products “at a normal rate, a reduced rate, or even for free,” and also let your mailing list recipients know that you’re still working out the bugs of these new offerings. Ask for feedback, especially if you’re offering the new products for free, and also “ask them to leave a recommendation that you can use on the landing page once the product is finished.”

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