The 4 D’s of Distinction

Brand matters and the way you convey your brand will make or break it.

Succinct position statements are crucial to creating a coherent, memorable brand.

Jennifer Rice of San Francisco’s Fruitful Strategy suggests that in order to write a compelling positioning statement, you must first look at things from the perspective of the consumer.  Rice presents a 4D positioning rule for her clients to use when writing these statements.

Every position statement should be:

  • Desirable to customers.
  • Distinctive from the competition.
  • Deliverable by the company.
  • Durable over time.

In order to be successful, your brand position should sit at the intersection of these four requirements. Another tip is to boil down your brand position into five words. By doing so, you will capture the essence of your brand.

Take your time… your brand positioning statement is one of the most important pieces of business content you will ever write!

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