The Fundamental Differences Between B2B and B2C Product Management

While the product management processes for B2B and B2C organizations are generally recognized as two separate entities, the nuances that separate the pair may be less understood.

To address that knowledge gap, product management expert Gopal Shenoy outlines a few of the key differences in a recent article:

  • In B2B, you’re looking for a million units. In B2C, just thousands will suffice. The difference, however, is that you’re talking about customers versus companies; one is easier to acquire than the other.
  • The sales cycle is dramatically shortened when dealing directly with consumers. With a business-focused operation, there is a “dating” period where you wine and dine them in order to get their business.

In total, Shenoy details 16 core points that separate B2B and B2C. For the rest of the fundamental differences, read the full article over at the Product Management Tips website.

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