The Principles and Practices of Agile Teams

Mike Cohn’s Blog, “Succeeding with Agile,” is strictly dedicated to all of the nuances of agile, and how its implementation can lead to success.

This particular entry is focused on North Carolina State University professor Laurie Williams’ survey on the practices and principles that are used by agile teams. After receiving 300 responses, Williams released the results, which showed high priority toward customer satisfaction, consistent measures of progress and working in short intervals.

Automation was also considered an essential principle of agile, specifically in terms of build and unit testing. Furthermore, motivated individuals were identified as agile catalysts, and were often considered linchpins for projects.

All of the typical, preached traits of an agile team seemed well-represented in the professor’s survey, with few deviations. A follow-up survey is already underway and is available online.

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