The Real Factors that Influence Employee Loyalty, Turnover

Despite the economic conditions (or at least the perception), employee turnover has remained fairly constant.

Employees are essentially, judging from turnover rates, as dissatisfied as they’ve always been. What is driving their malcontent? If the numbers are to be considered, it’s seems like it’s business as usual. While an exiting employee may give you the same spiel about wanting more money and opportunities, there are other factors influencing his or her decision.

According to a study by Professor David Finegold and senior research scientist Susan Mohrman, both from the University of Southern California, employee retention is actually motivated by some lesser known factors. It turns out, employees want to have a clear, understood company strategy to latch on to. They want an innovative, creative work environment that isn’t overly bureaucratic. They want the company to promote employee development in all forms through challenges. And lastly, they want the rewards they receive to be based on organizational performance.

In the end, it seems like employees greatest desire is to be part of a company in more than a titular capacity. For more on what influences loyalty and turnover, read the full article by Kevin Wheeler.

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