The Story Behind FedEx’s UX Journey

When FedEx stepped up to the drawing board looking to redesign their user experience, they focused mostly on automation and time-saving measures.

A general move was made away from paperwork and call centers, and toward the online arena. Every facet of shipping and tracking was moved online, if possible, and everything else was streamlined.

The catalyst for these changes was customers’ desires for fewer headaches. Nobody is looking for a convoluted process when they want to ship or receive a package. That is where FedEx’s user experience strategy originated from. One of the greatest benefits of this – aside from reducing stress for the customer – is that it actually makes life at FedEx easier for employees. It’s a win-win situation when you streamline businesses processes.

User experience is critical for success. And for FedEx, simplifying the user experience was a top priority – after all, it’s what their customers wanted.

Contributing Author

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